Apparently people need a refresher course on driving in South Jersey, so please share this with as many people as possible.

Here is my list of 9 South Jersey Rules of Driving. Please feel free to add yours to the list.


9 South Jersey Rules of Driving

  1. Put the damn phone down!  And why doesn't your car have bluetooth?
  2. That center lane between to lanes going in the opposite direction - It's called a TURN LANE. Use it.
  3. Watch out for TURTLES crossing the road.
  4. Yes, it is acceptable to PASS ON THE RIGHT if someone is turning left.
  5. TURN RIGHT ON RED only if there is a sign that says not to.
  6. Keep's a TRAFFIC CIRCLE...
  7. BEWARE of the DEER
  8. If you need to TURN AROUND, please find a driveway or a side street to turn into, and not just stop and turn around in the middle of the road.
  9. Toll Plaza ahead...have your money ready! Don't stop at the toll and THEN start looking around for money.


All of us locals in South Jersey appreciate your cooperation following these rules.

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