We're about to cross over into a new year! The hope of renewal is here, and these are my 2019 wishes for South Jersey.

The day after Christmas I already started my countdown to summer at the Jersey Shore. I also had a long talk with myself about how much I abused 'YOLO' in 2018. I'm ready to live my best life in 2019, but these things would surely make that easier.

What's your 2019 wish for South Jersey? Let us know in the comment box below!

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    A Truly Seasonal Spring & Summer

    These days, it seems like the climate in South Jersey jumps right from winter to summer, from freezing cold temperatures to scorching. I'm wishing for a couple weeks of truly spring sensation, with light breezes and temps in the low 70s, followed by lots of sunny summery weekends.

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    Fewer Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

    We had an extremely mild 2018 hurricane season in South Jersey, and I hope that continues in the new year so that residents can feel safe and avoid property damage.

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    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    More Shake Shacks!

    My favorite burger joint on planet earth (okay, maybe the east coast, cause, In n' Out Burger) finally opened a few locations in the Cherry Hill/Marlton area. And while I appreciate them, can a girl please get an expansion into, like, Atlantic City? I'm wishing for more Shake Shacks to pop up in South Jersey in 2019.

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    Say You'll Get Healthy, and DO IT.

    With the new year comes resolutions. Forever the most popular is the resolve to get in shape and eat better. I wish for you, and for myself, that we can commit to fitness and health far into 2019, not just in the first few weeks of January. We'll all be better off!

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    To See More of You!

    I wish that in 2019 we get to catch up more often! SoJO On The Go will be all over South Jersey, and hopefully that will be close enough to you to pop out and say hello, grab a selfie, or just chat for a few minutes.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    That We'll Try to Understand Each Other.

    In a world that's become so politically divisive, it's hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes. But I hope in 2019 all of us living in South Jersey can see beyond our differences to try and understand each other better. Even if it's just a random act of kindness, like saying hello to a stranger or letting someone squeeze in front of you during a crowded day on the Garden State Parkway, I wish for more togetherness in the new year.

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