Friendly's has made it easier to get cool summer treats by opening it's first New Jersey drive-thru in Mount Laurel.

Warmer weather means treats.

And we shouldn't have to go through the hassle of getting out and walking into the store to get ice cream.

I mean, c'mon we want it RIGHT NOW, let's skip all those extra steps. Totally kidding, but a drive-thru makes it a heck more convenient for those on the go.

Friendly's heard our concerns and has finally opened its first drive-thru in Mount Laurel, right off Route 38!!

Although there's no news as to when another drive-thru will be opened in NJ, I'm sure it'll happen again.

I'm selfishly hoping the next one is the Friendly's next door to SoJO *fingers crossed*

Source: 6abc News |

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