Stress? In New Jersey? No way.

I kid. There are plenty of things that raise our blood pressure in the Garden State.

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Traffic is enough by itself, but then you factor in the cost of living and it's enough to make you want to rage.

Unfortunately, life isn't easy for everyone in our state.

Stress can come from unemployment. If somebody is lucky enough to have a job, there's a good chance that they're working a ton of hours just to make ends meet.


Still, most of us still love it in New Jersey even with its flaws.

What is the most stressed town in New Jersey?

Lifestyle website Zippia used the following information to determine overly stressed cities in all of the states:

<p>Using the most recent data from the <a href="">U.S. Census American Community Survey for 2013-2017</a> and <a href="">BLS</a>, we ranked each city in America in the following criteria:</p><ul><li>Unemployment</li><li>Hours Worked</li><li>Commute Times</li><li>Income-To-Home-Price Ratio</li><li>Percent of Uninsured Population</li></ul>

Based on this criteria I took a guess that Newark or Camden would be the most stressed in the state, but I was wrong.

This city is actually still being rebuilt from a troubled past. Some parts of it are even trendy.

Here's what Zippia had to say:


<p><b>Hours Worked:</b> 42<br /><b>Commute:</b> 18.1<br /><b>Income-to-Home-Price Ratio:</b> 8.48%</p><p>Being in the shadow of New York City has to be stressful enough without the 42-hour workweek and the average commute of 18 minutes. Add on the income/home price ratio of 8.48% and you’ve got yourself a stressed-out city.</p>

Not only is this the most stressed city in New Jersey, but it's also the second most stressed in America with only Mead Valley, California ahead of it.


Asbury Park.

While Asbury has come a very long way over the past several decades, there are still parts of this amazing Shore town that are still struggling. With the struggle comes stress.

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