There are many very outdated laws out there that today just seem plain dumb. While we can't figure out why some of these were even put into effect, they are there and ready to get you in trouble. Here are some of NJ's dumbest laws.

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    Men cannot knit during the fishing season.

    You gotta make sure your hands are in tip top shape!

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    It is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder.

    You know what they say, two wrongs don't make a right.

  • Eduard Titov, Thinkstock
    Eduard Titov, Thinkstock

    You must honk before passing another car, bicycle, skateboarder, or roller skater.

    This may have made sense before the inventions of blinkers, but now this just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Can you imagine the parkway during summer traffic? The sound would be deafening.

  • Polka Dot Images, Thinkstock
    Polka Dot Images, Thinkstock

    It is illegal to slurp your soup.

    This is a law I can get behind. Part of me wonders if this was sponsored by the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

  • Flickr User mikemariano
    Flickr User mikemariano

    If you've been convicted of a DUI, you are no longer permitted to get a personalized license plate.

    While the argument can be made to outlaw vanity plates completely, I can't think of why this is for people who have been convicted of a DUI exclusively.

  • James Pauls, Thinkstock
    James Pauls, Thinkstock

    It is illegal to annoy someone of the opposite sex in Haddon Township.

    Yes! I want to further this law to all people of both opposite and same sex. Just don't annoy people. The law is a bit more in depth than this. Read the law here.

  • Think Stock sumnersgraphicsinc
    Think Stock sumnersgraphicsinc

    It is illegal to eat pickles on a Sunday.

    I am outraged! How can anyone deny me of a crisp pickle on a Sunday. As an avid pickle lover I say we protest by eating pickles on the steps of the capital building on Sunday. Who's with me? This law is only limited to Trenton, but I couldn't resist adding it.

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