If you love pickles, you'll be happy to know Pickle Juice Soda exists. If you hate pickles, you're already groaning at this sentence.

Mashable reports, Grandpa Joe's Candy shop announced it's new pickle flavored soda on Facebook and got mixed reactions about it.

I mean, who thinks of drinking pickle juice flavored soda???

In an email to Mashable, the store described the juice as smelling like a dill pickle but without the overwhelming pickle taste. While I do love the taste of pickles and eating pickles, I'm going to have to pass on trying Pickle Juice Soda. Unless, of course, if you double dog dared me.

If you're thirsty to try this soda, Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop has a chain of candy stores in Pennsylvania and is selling the soda for $2.50. It is also available online for $10 if you're really interested in trying the soda...or seeking to play a prank on your friends.
Either way, this tops the list of weird soda flavors for me. Would you be down to try Pickle Juice Soda?

Source: Mashable

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