Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation of being somewhat unruly at times.  So whenever there is poor fan behavior at a sporting event, we have come to expect that its probably going to be a Philadelphia sports fan as part of the disruption.

Not this weekend.

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Citizens Bank Park was filled this weekend, and the only poor fan behavior that I saw on social media for the three-game series pitted two Mets fans against each other, while a group of New York faithful tried to separate the two adversaries.

Over in Los Angles, some poor guy ran on the the field during a game between the Dodgers and Angles. The Dodgers security team was unable to bring him down the streaker.  In the video below, you can even see him break a tackle and then accelerate away from the security team.  However, as he makes his way to the right field area, you'll see the Dodgers ball girl there to save the day.  She takes out the streaker and ends the charade, receiving a roar from the LA faithful.

While running on the field is a step down from fighting, it is a disruption to the game and can lead to some jail time and a hefty fine.


The one take away I have from this video, is that it appears that nobody gives th ball girl any love - not a high-five, a hand-shake, a fist-bump.  No recognition at all for her efforts.

According to some reports, you could spend at least a night in jail, loose your rights to your season tickets, pay a fine of at least $1000 plus you have to pay an attorney to represent you in court.

Moral of the story, don't run on the field. Oh, and unruly fans are not only from Philadelphia.

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