When the pandemic started, people stayed home for the most part and only left the house for grocery shopping or to pick up food. Many fast food restaurants still had their drive thrus open and most restaurants were doing to go orders or even curbside pickup. And thank goodness because sometimes just having a certain kind of food gave people a sense of normalcy. I just wrote an article yesterday about companies like Pepsi Co only producing their traditional flavors of things due to the coronavirus pandemic. The reason behind their decision is that they want to keep up with demand and being that people were staying home, they felt that people wanted traditional flavors of chips and soda. This way they can still produce items people like, keep paying their employees and making profits as well. I had no idea this was a thing until I did the article yesterday. But apparently restaurants like McDonald's are doing the same thing.

Delish reports, McDonald's started doing a limited menu so that employees could keep up with customers, give great service and also make sure they were taking the necessary precautions and cleaning routines that they had to for the pandemic. They feel that if they keep their menu simple, all of this will happen. According to Delish, all day breakfast was paused in some locations, and not making salads and things like grilled chicken sandwiches have helped McDonald's achieve that speedy service.

I'm sure once revenue and profits go up, they will bring back some of their specials and different items, or at least I sure hope so!

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