A company based out of the Netherlands has donated 80 mini iPads to Cooper University Health Care.

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The donation came was made on behalf the global finance company DDL.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, hospital patients have not been able to receive visitors in person, relegated to speaking with loved ones by phone or virtually via a tablet. But, most facilities don't have the resources available, and many hospital workers have been using their own devices to help patients connect with family and friends. It's the most heartbreaking of situations.

Of the DDL donation, Cooper co-CEO Anthony J. Mazzarelli tells Patch.com"These new iPads will significantly increase the number of patients and their families who will be able to communicate with each other from the hospital."

Cooper has reportedly also gotten a boost from organizations like the Philadelphia 76ers, Apple, and Lockheed Martin through the COVID-19 Assistance Fund, which they founded, according to Patch.com.

We hope the iPad donations from DDL helps ease the minds of Cooper patients, some of whom are still battling coronavirus. I've had a few friends whose loved ones have passed away from the virus, and a tablet was one of the only ways they were able to say 'goodbye'.

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