The city of Margate is moving into off season mode, putting the traffic lights on blink on Atlantic Avenue. The official switch is scheduled to take place Monday, Oct 5th.

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Margate Police posted about the light switch on Facebook, reminding everyone that the speed limit on Atlantic Avenue will remain 25 mph in the off-season and that all traffic is required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks at all times even when the lights are on flash.

The move to blinking lights will last until mid-May and is intended to help speed your trip along Atlantic Avenue at a time when the road sees less traffic and fewer pedestrians and bike traffic.

After transitioning from the blinking to non-blinking lights for several years in Margate, I can also recommend using extra care when trying to enter Atlantic Ave. from one of the cross streets headed toward the ocean. Often, cars parked along Atlantic Ave. block the cars entering from being seen from those cross streets and make it difficult to pull on to the street as traffic goes by.

This switch to blinking lights is a favorite day for locals to commemorate and is even celebrated with a "Blinking Light Party" at Margate's  Bocca Coal Fire Pizza.

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