Round one is underway in our March Manness tournament. We're looking for the sexiest man in music, sports, movies, and television.

Vote below for each first round match-up in the movies category.

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(1) Bradley Cooper vs. (8) Jared Leto

Getty Images: Frazer Harrison / Pascal Le Segretain

Oooo, Philly boy versus a teenage dream? It takes a lot to knock out Jordan Catalano but if anyone can do it Brad Cooper can.

(2) Ryan Reynolds vs. (7) Matthew McConaughey

Getty Images: Pascal Le Segretain / Ethan Miller

This would be like asking me to choose between my children (if I had any, lol). I keep picturing Ryan naked and dripping wet in The Proposal and Matt's 'I only eat brown M&Ms' speech from The Wedding Planner. I can't choose, I just can't.

(3) Channing Tatum vs. (6) Idris Elba

Getty Images: Frazer Harrison / Frazer Harrison

These guys both have ROCKIN' bods, but it's their smiles that make me swoon. Channing or Idris... tough call.

(4) Johnny Depp vs. (5) Ryan Gosling

Getty Images: Jason Kempin / Neilson Barnard

Edward Scissorhands versus The Notebook? Tough boys on the outside, but all soft and gooey 'guy who always says the right thing' on the inside? This will be an epic throw down.