Ryan Gosling

Yes, Harrison Ford Punched Ryan Gosling in the Face But It Was Ryan Gosling’s Fault
Last fall, Ryan Gosling revealed that Harrison Ford punched him in the face — like, legit punched him in the face — on the set of Blade Runner 2049. It was for a scene they were filming in Denis Villeneuve’s sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic, of course. Still, the thought of iconic curmudgeon Harrison Ford punching iconic pretty boy Ryan Gosling in the kisser is just so delightful. In a new interview, Ford responds to Gosling’s face-punching allegation by suggesting his younger co-star should be “grateful” it only happened once. That sound you hear is the firing of shots from Ford’s general vicinity.
Ryan Gosling Reportedly Wants to Play Willy Wonka
Ryan Gosling is about to play himself. (In the DJ Khaled sense, not the Being John Malkovich sense.) The actor’s been on something of a roll recently, scoring critical plaudits for The Nice Guys and La La Land last year — the latter of which ended up a surprise blockbuster and less-surprise Oscar hoarder — and continuing on into 2017 with this past spring’s Song to Song. He’s got Blade Runner 2049 on the docket for this fall, a likely smash that may earn him admiration among nerd circles, the last niche demographic he has not yet charmed. But with the world at his feet, Gosling’s now making moves to dash all the goodwill he’s recently built up.

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