There are three specific things that can turn any bad day into a not so terrible twenty-four hours. One: a 24 ounce cup of Wawa coffee. Two: a Wawa Sizzli to get the day started. Three: A Wawa Shorti for lunch or a quick dinner.

The common denominator being Wawa.

What can I say? I'm easy to please....

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One NJ man hit the ultimate jackpot as far as I'm concerned. He scored free Wawa Shortis for an entire year. A WHOLE YEAR. Ummm.... YES, PLEASE.

How did he luck out with an NJ resident's DREAM? He helped Wawa out with a major issue plaguing almost all retailers at the moment: the coin shortage. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you're likely more than well aware of the issue impacting local businesses right now which is a lack of coinage. You've probably seen the signs posted that warn customers to either use a card or have exact change ready at the time of checkout since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significantly reduced coinage flow into local stores and businesses. fact-checked the coin shortage and after some digging discovered that the halt in the economy has impacted businesses' money flow more than the average consumer is probably aware of. Wawa came up with a creative approach to solve their coin problem by launching a sweepstakes that gave people either a free ICEE or coffee in addition to their money back in paper for participating. After that, all participants were given a ticket they could register on Wawa's website that would make them eligible to win free hoagies for a year.

Wawa announced the winner on Twitter today and congratulated a NJ resident Steven Leventhal for his Shorti jackpot. Free Shortis for a whole year! Awesome win.


Moral of this story is that I now have to pay close attention to Wawa's contest announcements. Congratulations to Mr. Leventhal. I definitely plan on participating in the next one.






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