What is it Sammy Hagar sings?  Oh, 'I can't drive...55'.  Well apparently Robert F. Gibase can't either.  Police clocked him going down the White Horse Pike in Mullica Township at an insane 146mph!

Two officers patrolling in Mullica Township Thursday morning spotted and clocked Gibase in his 2012 Cadillac at 146 MPH near Darmstadt Ave., according to The Press of Atlantic City. Rather than create a further unsafe situation, the cops were able to get the Cadillac's license plate and track the car down later.

Gibase, a one-time Mullica Twp. resident now living in Louisiana,  has been charged with traffic offenses and eluding police, and is in jail on $15,000 cash bail.

Wow, these officers must have had supervision to spot that license plate blazing by!  Good for them!

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