At a time when we have been seeing the unprecedented downsizing and closings of many major retailers, rare is the day when we see an announcement of a grand opening.

The location of the new Burlington (Formerly Burlington Coat Factory) is the Rio Grande Plaza off Route 47 in Cape May County.

Burlington (Coat Factory) first began their retailing business in 1972, when they opened their first store in Burlington, New Jersey.  Prior to opening that store, they had been a wholesaler of coats and junior suits.   A business that goes back to 1924.

As with anything in life, Burlington Company grew exponentially through the years.  Their first store in Burlington featured first-quality coats and other outerwear at discounted prices.  The strategy was a good one, and the company grew dramatically through the years.

Over time, Burlington coat factory began to offer other clothing options for men and women.

By 2006, the company had grown to 368 stores and was sold to a private investment firm.  By the mid-2000s, they had also changed their strategy and began a strategy of becoming an off-price retailer, where they offered everyday low prices on their whole inventory.

These days, shoppers at Burlington can expect a wide variety of merchandise.  The coats are still there, as are the men's and women's clothing.  However, it doesn't stop there.

A walk through another Burlington location found a wide assortment of other merchandise like cologne, shoes and boots, housewares, and more.

The company expects to be open in the new Rio Grande location, sometime in April.

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