Leggings have become an essential part of women's apparel, whether you workout or not. Lume Lifestyle has created stylish leggings with a smart pocket to hold your phone while you exercise. 

It's the worst to have to workout and not have a place to hold your cellphone. Typically, I place my cellphone in my waistband, which ends badly because of my horrible sweating problem. My phone always ends up with a nice sheen of sweat atop of it. Lume Lifestyle wants to help with that through it's Kickstarter campaign launched Friday with a goal of $10,000 in 34 days.

The idea was inspired after Lume's co-founder Waira Mungai changed his lifestyle for the better and now wants to make it easier for others. The Lume smart pocket allows you to text through the mesh and is convenient to listen to music while working out. It's placement is really convenient compared to an arm band or placing it in the waistband.

And, it was designed for all shapes and sizes..

Lume's Smart Leggings will be available soon online for $88. Learn more on their website.