Lorde, who has surprised the music world with her quick rise to superstardom, wants everyone to know that despite her young age, she is totally in control of her image.  And being referred to as a 'teen hottie' is not a label she's willing to accept.

New teen pop stars in Lorde's position (thanks to her debut chart-topper 'Royals') usually see the endorsement deals and acting roles rolling in, as well as the predictable perfume and clothing line offers. But the 17-year-old native of New Zealand is not interested.

Lorde claims that since becoming famous, she's rejected millions of dollars to do things she considers "corny", including being the opening for Katy Perry's upcoming tour.

In a new interview with The New York Times, Lorde says that unlike her fellow young, female artists, she's completely in control of the way she's presented to the public, on stage, in photos and in her videos, and she never, "flirts" with the camera.

"The phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes me want to throw up,” she says.

Lorde says her goal is to present to her fans a message of "strength and power".