The fight for money to pay for out-of state tuition at Temple University has been brought to the courts, and it may sound ridiculous.


In Camden County, 21-year old Caitlyn Ricci is suing her parents because they are not paying for her college tuition.


For starters, the relationship between Caitlyn and her parents aren't great.  Caitlyn moved out of the house to live with her Grandparents, but according to her Mother, she was thrown out of the house because she refused to obey rules while living in the home.


The relationship crumbled, and the communication between Caitlyn and her estranged parents grew distant.  Now, her parents are being served with court papers, in which Caitlyn is demanding money for college tuition.


The fact that Caitlyn's parents are divorced might actually work in her favor.  According to 6ABC, 'A judge, turning to a New Jersey legal precedent known as 'Newburgh' that says divorced parents may be required to contribute to their children's education, no matter their age.

The judge ruled in Caitlyn's case her parents have to pay $16,000 this year.'


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