It was an interesting weekend in Upper Township, more specifically on Route 49.  A digital traffic sign read 'A$%ville next left'.  (uncensored of course).  A$%uming a prankster was trying to make a joke, residents aren't laughing at all.


According to NBC 10, 'The digital sign, which the New Jersey Department of Transportation says belongs to contractor South State Incorporated, was tampered with by a vandal who was able to gain access to the controls. The message was supposed to warn drivers about a change in traffic patterns up ahead.'


NJDOT were receiving complaints from residents, and therefore made South State Incorporated change the sign.


Upper Township Mayor, Richard Palombo, explained, "It appears that it's an isolated incident. Someone was trying to be funny, but I think the operators of the sign need to be more aware of the fact that the security and the access to that information needs to be more secure." (NBC40)


Despite the vandalism, which is most certainly wrong in itself, are you offended by the sign? I ask this because the overall response I keep hearing is 'who cares, people need to lighten up.'  What are your thoughts?


Feel free to comment below....

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