It's just another one of those South Jersey things. Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham. Hoagies vs. Subs. Lightning Bugs vs. Fireflies. Regarding the summery insects, here's what our listeners had to say.

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Faith Hill has a whole album called Fireflies. I always thought that maybe in the South a firefly was an entirely different insect than a lightning bug. Similar, but not THE same.

But, they are the same, duh. It's just that, growing up in South Jersey, we called them lightning bugs my whole life.

Since lightning bug season has officially arrived, I figured I'd explore the debate. So, we asked SoJO Facebook Fans for their opinions.

Less than a third of the comments refer to the insects as 'fireflies'. The majority call them lightning bugs. A few fans, Frances Basile and Jessica Ashman, called them both lightning bugs AND fireflies, while Michelle Russell said 'arrows', lol, based on the meme we included in the post, but there was no real arguing the topic.

I think everyone just feels a little summer magic when they catch a glimpse of one, so whatever you decide to call them, if you capture one, just make a wish, and let it go before it croaks, lol.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Lightning bug. It's a South Jersey thing.

SOURCES: SoJO1049fm/Facebook

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