Kellyanne Conway seems to be trending on the Internet more and more these days. Now, everyone's buzzing about THIS portrait found in her living room.


I am one of the FIRST to say that no matter what, I love myself the most. Now, I don't know if that's Kellyanne's philosophy, but I am FEELING this. How I haven't done this already is beyond me.

(Mind you, my screen saver for the last three years has been a rolling slideshow of selfies.)

In a world where body positivity, self confidence, and independent women exist - I don't see why a woman who ran a successful presidential campaign, shouldn't have a framed-photo of herself.

Even Mike is down for it:

The outfit choice is questionable. But, looks like Elite Daily did some digging and found out it's part of a calendar series called "Pretty in Mink." The calendar was done as part of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, to highlight today's leading conservative women.

Alright, so maybe she just wanted to show off her photoshoot? Either way, I'm here for it. *handclap emoji*

Okay, now everyone go back to their scheduled programming.

Source: Elite Daily | NYMag

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