With the current situation happening in Florida after Hurricane Irma, this is a list of 5 apps you should please keep in your phone in case of emergencies.

It wasn't too long ago that South Jersey suffered the effects of Superstorm Sandy, so its easy to empathize with what's going on in Florida right now. Even more so,  if you have family down there.

As the daughter of a detective, I've always been taught to prepare for every worst possible outcome. With that said, here is a list of apps you'll find beneficial to have in your phone in case the worst happens:

  • 1


    It's a GPS phone locator app that lets you be in contact with all your family members at one time. You can receive alerts when your kids get home safe, and mark safe zones for your children. This app is free to download and available on iOS and Android.

  • 2


    This app should ALWAYS be in your phone. It was created by the American Red Cross to help prepare you in every situation. For instance how to prepare for natural disasters, and how to save someone's life if you need to. I suggest everyone download this to their and their child's phone.

  • 3


    This app has gained popularity as a result of Hurricane Irma. It works as a walkie talkie, which DOES NEED WI-FI, despite popular belief that it doesn't. You're able to talk to other people privately or publicly. Why is it beneficial during the storm? You can be in a public chat with people regarding the situation in the Keys, like Mike was able to do to find out his family's current situation.

  • 4


    No signal or Wi-Fi is required to use this app, which you can imagine is its main appeal. During a situation without cell service or Internet, as long as the other person has this downloaded to their phone, you'll be able to communicate.

  • 5


    This app if a free app that allows you to be in contact with your neighbors. I believe there are some areas in South Jersey that already participate in this app. But in case of an emergency where you need to warn others in your neighborhood. This app does come in handy.

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