Why do people care so much that Jessica Simpson's son has/had long hair? Here's why it is literally, none of their business.

This is Jessica Simpson's son, Ace, she posted on Instagram:

Because some people have nothing good to say, their comments were less than kind:

"Oh lord, cut that hair. I thought that was a girl."

"Needs a haircut bad"

"What? No hair stylist where u live? All this time I'm thinking it's a girl...spike it or something"

"I thought that was your daughter. Sorry but he is a boy and needs a cut. What till he goes to school and he will get bullied"

The comments go on and on.

Ace is four years old. FOUR.

For grown adults and parents to make careless comments about another person's child is immature. There is no rule book saying a boys hair MUST be short. At most those are rules because it's considered a social norm for boys to have short hair.

It's 2017, if you cannot identify whether or not her son is a girl or boy...ask. It's very simple. Or even better, just mind your business and leave a positive comment about how beautiful her child is. Gender roles should not dictate our lives, because it leaves less room for acceptance.

My nephew Damian had long hair up until he attended 1st grade. We had no cultural reasons for keeping it long, but his parents felt his hair was too beautiful to cut.

At the end of the day it is the parent's choice. As for the last comment that his long hair will cause him to be bullied: perhaps if you raise your child to accept people, bullying won't happen.

What are your thoughts? Should boys have long hair, or is it none of our concern?

[BTW Jessica Simpson has cut Ace's hair and still doesn't care what the trolls have to say]


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