Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is already 4 episodes in, and let me tell you I have loved every minute of it.

This isn't the same cast of roommates from years past, new dynamics are taking shape, some for the better, and some not so much. We have a conclusion to the Snooki/Vinny/Jenni argument, a reunion in the club, and one roomie putting themselves in a compromising position.

So without wasting any time, let's get to this week's takeaways...


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    The Conclusion to the 3-way Arguement

    Told you, Snooki was way overdramatic. After Jenni tries to get her to calm down Snooki takes her aggressive lashing on Vinny and translates it to Jenni. Well, she didn't have any of it and walked out. It took everyone's favorite DJ Pauly D intervenes and de-escalates the situation and bring up valid points to her. This eventually leads Snooki to having that talk with Vinny to air things out, which leaves them cool.

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    The Gang Still Does GTL

    Well, everyone except Deena who said, "Who f-ing works out while they're on vacation and does laundry and s***?", and instead did her and sat by the pool. Me and Deena apparently vacation the same way, just saying.

    Back to the GTL-ing though, Mike is now my kind of workout buddy. He's now more of a light walker on the treadmill eating a protein bar while the others hit the weights. I'm loving The Situation more and more with every week that passes.

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    Ronnie's Trek into Dangerous Waters

    At the club Ronnie gets in on one of Pauly D's girls and starts having a relationship with her. This is a problem because he has a pregnant girlfriend back home who is expecting any minute. The roommates even warn him saying this is a bad idea but he doesn't care because he is so drunk. This leads back to house where he takes her into the hot tub where things get heated. And the show ends with Ron closing his bedroom door with her in it. Something about Miami brings out the best, or worst, in Ron.

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