Do you believe you’ve been to the best restaurant in all of New Jersey? A new list online has claimed they have found each state’s best restaurant and of course, we had to find New Jersey’s.

It’s no secret that living in New Jersey opens you up to some of the best restaurants in not only the area but in the entire country. We are known for the most delicious and crispy pizzas, fluffy bagels, and of course pork roll/taylor ham!

The best part about New Jersey is that there are restaurants that will satisfy just about every craving you could have. Whether it be pasta, ramen, hoagies, tacos, or pizza, there’s a restaurant in New Jersey for you.

There are thousands of restaurants to choose from throughout the state, but a website called Tripsavvy has declared that they have found the very best in the entire state. Essentially, this list is the top 50 restaurants to try throughout the country. It could even start a U.S. food tour!

Is This The Best Restaurant in New Jersey?

Tripsavvy has named Heirloom Kitchen in Old Bridge, New Jersey the best in the entire state. According to the site, this restaurant started out as a cooking school and in 2016, became a weekend restaurant. There are two Heroloom Kitchen locations.

The original being in Old Bridge, New Jersey and now you can visit their sister restaurant, Heirloom @ The St.Laurent, in Asbury Park. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant, Supper Club, cooking school, and is open for dining service Thursday - Sunday. The restaurant features a four-course prix fixe menu with a vegan menu option as well.

Check out New Jersey’s best restaurant, here!

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