I'm not sure how to even begin to explain just how much I love this bar.

I spent COVID living the unemployed life, it was not as glamorous as it sounds, which gave me a lot of free time to fill between filling out job applications.

When I wasn't desperately searching for a new job, or having a slight breakdown because I couldn't find one, I spent a lot of time hiking at Cattus Island.

No, the bar isn't hidden inside that park.

After my 8-mile hike, I would turn left onto Fischer Blvd., drive to Route 37, turn left, and take the Mathis Bridge into Seaside.

Once over the bridge, follow the signs to Seaside Park and then to Island Beach State Park.

Located at Swimming Beach 1 in the park is The Red Fox Bar and Grill, AKA my favorite summertime bar at the Jersey Shore.

No, the bar isn't located directly on the beach. No, the bar doesn't give you an ocean view...actually you're mostly looking at the parking lot.

That may sound like a deterrent, but trust me it still offers a lot.

As I spent many days in the summer of 2020 at The Red Fox, I got to know the staff and the menu.

The one bartender, Jen, is remarkable. For a bar that's only open a few months out of the year, she remembers the regulars.

When I went back in the summer of 2021, Jen asked me about Cattus Island and my baking projects. I was shocked she remembered.

I've now made it my own little tradition to go to Island Beach State Park to get some beach time in, followed by some food and drinks at The Red Fox for my birthday.

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I consider myself a spicy margarita coneseur. Most spicy margaritas I find to be too sweet and not even remotely spicy enough...not at The Red Fox, it's perfect.

They also make great frozen drinks, and cocktails, and have local beer available.

Their kitchen is a food truck that makes great seafood. I usually get the salmon tacos, they're fantastic. My mom will get their coconut shrimp, which is also just great.

Red Fox Bar and Grill Salmon Tacos
Chelsea Corrine

My wedding is in Seaside Park this August and my fiance and I are already planning on going there the day after.

They are dog-friendly in the one area outside of the large white tent. We brought Maddie last year and she seemed to like it too.

Dog Friendly Bar
Chelsea Corrine

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