A clean, clear work space can induce creativity and productivity. Opposite that, a cluttered desk can cause stress and procrastination.

But today happens to be National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Mine is currently a mess and I can't find anything which is SO frustrating. And, let's not even get into what my desk drawers are stuffed with. Genius Albert Einstein was said to be a completely unorganized person, and look what he managed to accomplish. But that way of thinking can actually be more counterproductive than you think. Here's why.

According to Monster.com, keeping a tidy desk can:

  • Make you look more professional. They may keep it to themselves, but co-workers and even your boss, could be judging your performance based on the organization of your desk.
  • Keep sensitive information safe. Passwords on post-its or personally employee information should be stored where they can't be lost or seen by the wrong people.
  • You'll be more efficient. When you can see and find the things you need, you won't waste time that could be spent on completing tasks.
  • You need room to work. If you're sorting papers or going over a project with a co-worker, it's more welcoming to have space to spread out.
  • Your health depends on it. The experts at OnlineCareerTips.com warn against not dusting or wiping down your space on a regular basis. Think about how many co-workers have come down with a cold or flu this season. Clutter also causes stress, which isn't good for your mind or body.

I am super envious of Jen, our Promotions Coordinator, because her desk is a clean dream. One thing she does everyday that I think makes a huge difference is that she tidies up her space before she leaves every day so that she doesn't walk into anything unorganized. If I start anywhere, that's at least one thing I'm pretty sure I can accomplish even on the busiest of days. But hey, if straightening your desk isn't something you're ready to tackle, today also happens to be National Bubble Bath Day. So feel free to take the path of least resistance. Lol.

How do you stay organized at work? Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCES: Monster; Online Career Tips

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