Some of our Facebook fans were brave enough to open their junk drawers to show us what's going on in there. And I'm no better. It started with me, lol. Send help, lol.

While we're social distancing due to coronavirus, many of us are using the time to tackle organizational projects we've been putting off. For me, it's been my junk drawer at work. But, to be honest, every drawer of my office desk could be called that.

So, I outed myself by posting a photo, and asked to see yours too, maybe to make myself feel better, if nothing else.

I've also offered a few drawer organizing solutions to when you scroll past the photo gallery. Good luck!

BTW, what's the strangest item in YOUR junk drawer? Let me know in the comment box below!

South Jersey Junk Drawers

Desk drawer organization options:

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  • CAXXA on
    CAXXA on

    Black Makes Colors Pop

    This organizer would make it easy to find office supplies.

    From Caxxa on Amazon.

  • Lipper International on
    Lipper International on

    Touch of Bamboo

    This drawer organizer looks hip and aesthetically pleasing.

    From Lipper International on Amazon.

  • mDesign on Amazon
    mDesign on Amazon

    The More, The Merrier

    With 4 or 5 of these bad boys, you could stock up a desk drawer but GOOD!

    From mDesign on Amazon

  • Three By Three on
    Three By Three on

    Configuration Options

    These colorful bins can be arranged together in a way that best makes sense for your needs.

    From Three By Three on Amazon

  • Whitmor on Amazon
    Whitmor on Amazon

    Crystal Clear

    Doubtful you'll lose anything again with this Lucite organizer. Anything clear always looks polished, too.

    From Whitmor on Amazon

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