I love weird holidays and today is a good one.

Today is National Kiss and Make Up Day. This is a good opportunity to let go of those grudges you've been holding onto for some time now.

Did you know that holding a grudge is bad for your health?

Yup. When you hold onto that grudge you are hurting yourself more than the person you are mad at.

If you let go of that grudge and kiss and make up you will...


  • evgenyatamanenko, Thinkstock
    evgenyatamanenko, Thinkstock

    Sleep better

    Holding on to all that anger effects your sleep. While it may not be in the forefront of your mind every second of every day, it is still there. Your subconscious comes out to play in your sleep and having unresolved anger could affect your sleep. So kiss and make up and sleep better.

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    Improve your mental health

    Anger = anxiety. You know how when you are angry you tend to feel more anxious and snap at people that have nothing to do with the reason you are angry? That takes a toll on your mental health. Anxiety affects your daily routine, work, relationships, and so much more. Kiss and make up and get rid of that anxiety.

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    Stress less

    This ties in with your mental health. Having that weigh on your mind really does increase your stress. Kiss and make up and get rid of that stress.

  • Fuse - Think Stock
    Fuse - Think Stock

    Feel phsyically better

    This may just be me, but if I am mad at someone and that weighs on my mind I feel like crap. My whole body is tense, I feel sick to my stomach, and get bad headaches. Kiss and makeup and feel better!

  • evgenyatamanenko, Thinkstock
    evgenyatamanenko, Thinkstock

    Clear your skin

    Ever hear of a stress pimple? Enough said. Kiss and make up and get rid of those breakouts.

  • Zoonar RF, Thinkstock
    Zoonar RF, Thinkstock

    Live longer

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