If you love roller coasters, you should ride the 'kingda ka' at Great Adventure.


I will no longer be riding that ride........


I can't stand roller coasters.  It's just not for me.  I get dizzy, I don't like to be upside down, and I'm scarred of heights.


So it should be surprising to everyone that I would agree to go on the biggest roller coaster ride that Six Flags 'Great Adventure' has to offer.  By the way, it was the very first ride of the day.


You gotta love peer pressure, even at 30 years old.


I reluctantly got strapped in, my friend beside me was laughing his butt off as if I was about to meet my maker in the scariest way.   Once the ride began, I closed my eyes, and promised God that I would never put dandruff and monkey droppings into Heather DeLuca's coffee again if He can just get me through this ride alive.


After just 45 seconds, we finally got off and I caught my breath.  I searched my pockets, and that's when it happened.


My wallet, ticket, and dramamine were all still there.


My car keys, however, were definitely missing.


I searched everywhere, backtracked, checked lost and found several times.  I asked security and staff for help, most of them looked at me like I was stupid.  I just wanted to yell, 'Yes, I know I put my keys in my pocket during the kingda ka, let's move on.'


I finally called AAA and got a locksmith to make me a new key.  I'm still working on getting copies of keys to my apartment, my apartment building, and the office.


I will never ride roller coasters again.

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