Kiera is crossing her paws hoping to find her forever family.

Popcorn Park Zoo Rescue Shelter / Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo Rescue Shelter / Zoo

From our friends at the Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter / Zoo: Boy did little Kiera have a rough start in life. This sweet kitten was hit by a car and she's so lucky to be alive! She was found on the side of the road, bloody and trying to stand. We were unsure if she would make it at first, since she showed neurological signs from the head trauma, but will you just look at her now?! Kiera not only survived, but she is doing so great now! She's about 8 months old and Kiera was quite shy and confused at first, and who could blame her? With lots of love and attention, she's quickly learning to enjoy life and enjoy being safe and cared for. She'll need a home where she'll get the patience and understanding she deserves, and can take her time and settle in. She seems fine with other easy-going cats and Kiera would love a commotion-free home. If you'd like to meet with Kiera please call 609-693-1900 or email: 

The Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter is still closed due to Covid-19. The Zoo is open everyday. The Popcorn Park Zoo makes it very easy and convenient to meet with one of their wonderful animals. Click here to see the latest animals up for adoption.

Check out Kiera's video - She is a cutie:

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