Katy Perry is getting set to release a new song called '1984' that is rumored to be a big answer to Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'. Perry vs. Swift: Girlfight, round 23!

Although Taylor told the Telegraph in March she would 'never talk about [Perry] in my interview, it's not going to happen', she's not made any strides to deny that her latest single 'Bad Blood' was written after her friendship with Katy went sour.

Sources in Taylor's camp claim Perry tried to sabotage Taylor's tour, even attempting to steal away TSwizz's brigade of dancers. Now, the pair are frenemies.

Along with sharing an ex-boyfriend in John Mayer, Perry referred to Taylor as the 'Regina George in sheep's clothing' in an interview with Billboard Magazine, liking swift to the pack leader in Mean Girls.

Perry also told Rolling Stone magazine that she doesn't plan on shying away from someone trying to defame her name.

It appears that day of reckoning is coming. Katy has reportedly registered a new song called '1984' with her music publisher BMI. It could be in response to Swift's most recent album title 1989. '1984' is co-written by the same team that brought us 'Waking Up In Vegas'. There is no release date listed yet for Katy's new track.

We'll see where this battle takes us next!