The countdown to the Emmy Awards on Sunday night continues.  Hollywood is waiting, ABC is expecting a good chunk of viewership, and predictions continue to rain down here at SoJO.  Let's look and the comedy categories.

As non-existent as network TV is in the world of Drama, they seem to dominate the Comedy nominations.  Some interesting stories lay in wait with a former teen star looking for justification as an adult, 4 co-stars battling in one category, and one category getting 7 nominees instead of the usual 6.  With all this in mind, here comes predictions that I'm sure will not come close to being right:


Lead Actor in a Comedy

Alec Baldwin -- 30 Rock (NBC), Don Cheadle -- House of Lies (Showtime), Louis C.K. -- Louie (FX), Jon Cryer -- Two and a Half Men (CBS), Larry David -- Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Jim Parsons -- The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

SHOULD WIN: Cryer   WILL WIN: Parsons

Most people know that The Big Bang Theory may just be the best comedy on TV right now and Parsons is a big reason (he has won the Emmy the last 2 years), but nobody may have had more pressure on them to keep a great show at a high level than Cryer (after the loss of Charlie Sheen).  This is the 7th time he has been nominated playing Alan, and has only won once.

Next year will be tough knowing that Baldwin is in the final season of 30 Rock, making him a strong favorite to win then, so I hope Emmy voters recognizes Cryer (but I cannot bet against Parsons winning for the 3rd year in a row)


Lead Actress in a Comedy

Zooey Deschanel -- New Girl (FOX), Lena Dunham -- Girls (HBO), Edie Falco -- Nurse Jackie (Showtime), Tina Fey -- 30 Rock (NBC), Julia-Louis Dreyfus -- Veep (HBO), Melissa McCarthy -- Mike & Molly (CBS), Amy Poehler -- Parks and Recreation (NBC)

SHOULD WIN: Deschanel   WILL WIN: McCarthy

This category is a rough one to predict, and it does not help that the Emmy people put a 7th choice here this year.  Falco has her 10th Emmy nomination, and has been an Emmy favorite in the past with 4 wins (3 for The Sopranos and 1 for Nurse Jackie), Poehler is on her 5th Emmy nomination of her career without a win, Fey has won for writing but never for acting, then there is Dreyfus with her 13th Emmy nomination of her career!

As good as this talent is, Zooey's impact with New Girl was the biggest of last season as possibly the best new show of the last year, but the "It Girl" is McCarthy (especially after her Oscar nomination for Bridesmaids).


Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Ty Burrell -- Modern Family (ABC), Jesse Tyler Ferguson -- Modern Family (ABC), Ed O'Neill -- Modern Family (ABC), Eric Stonestreet -- Modern Family (ABC), Max Greenfield -- New Girl (FOX), Bill Hader -- SNL (NBC)

SHOULD WIN: Somebody from Modern Family    WILL WIN: O'Neill

As the co-stars of Modern Family keep taking turns winning, it's time for O'Neill to be recognized for the career he has had.  As groundbreaking as Married With Children was, Ed was never nominated for Emmy gold.  Time for some payback for a very good actor!


Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Mayim Bialik -- The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Julie Bowen -- Modern Family (ABC), Kathryn Joosten -- Desperate Housewives (ABC), Sofia Vergara -- Modern Family (ABC), Merrit Wever -- Nurse Jackie (Showtime), Kristen Wiig -- SNL (NBC)

SHOULD WIN: Bialik    WILL WIN: Bialik

The former teen star from the 90s (Blossom) somehow made a great comedy even better with her arrival - a rare feat that needs to be recognized!


Outstanding Comedy Series

The Big Bang Theory / Curb Your Enthusiasm / Girls / Modern Family / 30 Rock / Veep

SHOULD WIN and WILL WIN: The Big Bang Theory

Parsons + Bialik = Win.  Like I said earlier, this may be the best comedy on TV right now.


The 64th Prime Time Emmy Awards will start on the Red Carpet at 7pm on ABC, then Jimmy Kimmel will hold court as your host this year starting at 8pm.  Tomorrow is Part 3 of Emmy predictions involving TV Movies, Mini Series, and the battle for late night bragging rights!


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