The Red Carpet has been put in place already in front of the Nokia Theater in L.A., Jimmy Kimmel has some tricks planned for Sunday night while hosting the 64th Annual Emmy Awards on ABC, and some of Hollywood's biggest celebs have nominations in the TV Movie or Mini-Series categories.

Welcome to Part 3 of my Emmy Awards predictions which will most likely be wrong, but I think these categories is where I should get right, considering one Mini-Series set cable ratings records in the last TV season.

You will notice many A-List actors among the nominees in these categories, but I think you'll see a pattern with my projections:


Lead Actor in a Mini-Series or Movie

Kevin Costner -- Hatfields and McCoys (History), Benedict Cumberbatch -- Sherlock (BBC), Idris Elba -- Luther (BBC), Woody Harrelson -- Game Change (HBO), Clive Owen -- Hemmingway & Gellhorn (HBO), Bill Paxton -- Hatfields and McCoys (History)

SHOULD WIN: Costner or Paxton    WILL WIN: Costner

Hatfields and McCoys set a cable record with 14 Million viewers the first night of the 3-night series for the fledgling History Channel, and both men in this TV event were amazing.  Costner gets the slight edge because of his star power, and it's a tough break for Harrelson who nailed Steve Schmidt in Game Change.

SIDE NOTE: I do highly recommend checking out Luther in your travels.


Lead Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie

Connie Britton -- American Horror Story: Asylum (FX), Ashley Judd -- Missing (ABC), Nicole Kidman -- Hemmigway & Gellman (HBO), Julianne Moore -- Game Change (HBO), Emma Thompson -- The Song of Lunch (PBS)

SHOULD WIN: Britton    WILL WIN: Moore

Britton was a part of one of the most talked about TV events of the last year, and Emmy owes her for never having one during her run on Friday Night Lights, but Moore's spot-on performance as Sarah Palin showed many sides of this woman without it being a characterture.  Judd got great reviews on Missing, but was lucky to get nominated here in that her show was originally marketed as a new show for ABC, then was stopped after 10 episodes, and submitted in this category.


Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series or Movie

Tom Berenger -- Hatfields and McCoys (History), Martin Freeman -- Sherlock (BBC), Ed Harris -- Game Change (HBO), Denis O'Hare -- AHS: Asylum (FX), David Strathairn -- Hemmingway & Gellhorn (HBO)

SHOULD WIN: I have no idea    WILL WIN: Berenger

Ed Harris is an awesome actor, but he did seem to have enough time to make an impact as John McCain.  Strathairn amazingly has only had one Emmy nomination before this one (winning for his role in Temple Grandin).  Berenger was in the big TV event, and Hollywood loves a comeback - his win would bring back an actor you remember from Platoon and Major League (to name a few).


Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie

Frances Conroy - AHS: Asylum (FX), Judy Davis -- Page 8 (PBS), Jessica Lange - AHS: Asylum (FX), Sarah Paulson -- Game Change (HBO), Mare Winningham -- Hatfields and McCoys (History)

SHOULD WIN: Lange    WILL WIN: Winningham

Yes I can see the clean sweep for the Hatfields and McCoys, but Lange is that damn good in American Horror Story (and gets hurt a little as her co-star Conroy also got a nomination here).


Outstanding Mini-Series or Movie

American Horror Story: Asylum / Game Change / Hatfields and McCoys / Hemmingway & Gellhorn / Luther / Sherlock

SHOULD WIN and WILL WIN: Hatfields and McCoys

I did say a clean sweep for this project!


One more edition of predictions for tomorrow in Reality TV and the battle between Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, plus the biggest snubs of this year for the Emmys.


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