It's a sentiment that's been hotly contested among those that know me. I tip at the counter on to-go food orders, and apparently that doesn't make me popular.

I realize that when I order food that I go to pick up, that I'm not being 'served'. Some people think that means there should be no tipping involved.

So, why do I ALWAYS tip on to-go orders?

Because someone put time and effort into making food for me. Or a coffee for me. Yes, those employees are being paid a wage for their work. But I'm appreciative that I didn't have to make it myself, and that's how I show my appreciation.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm human and I've fallen into the George Costanza-mindset, where you feel frustration if the counter person turns AWAY from the tip jar as you're making your contribution, but that's just me ego.

As long as I have a spare dollar or two, I'll always tip on to-go. I even hand over a dollar if someone cleans my windshield at the gas station. Again, I was saved from having to do it myself. But that's just me. Or is it?

Are you a to-go order tipper? Take my poll below!

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