OMG, it's the cutest little cafe. I've read so much about this adorable place and the food is so delicious.

A recent article from named this little cafe as a hidden gem in New Jersey that everyone should try. I know when I ask what's your favorite breakfast, you always let me know about Lucille's.

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Their sandwiches, their breakfasts, and we can not forget about their desserts look amazing.

From Lucilles Luncheonette Facebook page...

Lucilles Luncheon, Facebook Page

It's a cozy, homey, friendly little cafe and I agree, everyone should try it. They've been in Ocean County and the community for almost 50 years.

From Lucilles Luncheonette Facebook page:

According to its website, Lucille's Luncheonette has a rich history.  It was founded by Lucille Bates in 1975 and became a favorite spot for locals to grab a home-cooked meal.

From Lucilles Luncheonette's Facebook page:

I remember this and saying I have to get here. The food is so good, that it was even on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown in 2015, and was named a stop on his food trail.

I mentioned desserts earlier in the article. Whenever we ask about the best pies in Ocean County or even the Jersey Shore, Lucille's is always a fan favorite. I had a piece of their spectacular apple pie the other day, "WOW" it was so good.

Lucilles Luncheonette is located at 1496 Rt. 539 in Barnegat. They're open every day except for Monday 8 am - 2 pm. A breakfast and lunch little hidden gem.

If you're looking for a delicious, home-cooked meal, head to Lucilles, you will not be disappointed.

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