We have the BEST pizza here in Ocean County and let's not even mention our boardwalk pizza is the best, in my opinion.

We are passionate about our pizza, depending on your town, you have the "best" you get all the time. Pizza is our go-to when we have friends over or on a Friday night when no one has to cook.

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I got the list of pizza places from emails, Facebook comments, and our 92.7 WOBM app chats. When we ask what's your favorite, you let us know and I can't thank you enough.

champlifezy@gmail.com, Getty Images
champlifezy@gmail.com, Getty Images

Many, many times we ask the question, "What's your favorite food?" Pizza, pizza, pizza is your favorite. It's so true, pizza is a food everyone can always agree on. Ok, maybe not the toppings (I'll take mushrooms) but it's always the smart choice, pizza.

In a recent national list, rd.com has "best pizza in each state in the US". The best slices in each state and New Jersey's might surprise you a little bit. When I first read it I honestly thought it would be a boardwalk pizza place here in Ocean County, but boy I was wrong.

From rd.com about this Ocean County Pizza spot that's tops:

Time to get a little saucy with this Jackson pizza joint’s best-seller, the Upside Down Square, a Sicilian-style pie absolutely dripping with chunky tomato sauce atop a pillowy crust. Said sauce is a recipe passed down from the owner’s Italian grandmother and made with hand-crushed tomatoes for a blend that is not too sweet, not too sour, and totally tasty.

Where is the "BEST" pizza in New Jersey? It's in Ocean County...

It's known as the upside-down square pies and sesame seed crusts.

It is Brooklyn Square Pizza located in Jackson, NJ. Brooklyn Square Pizza is located at 265 S. New Prospect Road in Jackson. From the Brooklyn Square Pizza Facebook page:

Congratulations to Brooklyn Square Pizza.

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