Was it something I said?


I talk for a living.  I try to brighten people's day with light hearted humor, and the information you need to get through the rest of your day.


So it's only coincidence that my mouth got me punched in the face.


Did I mention it was from a 5 year old?  Ah, I must have forgotten that part.


I found myself riding in the back of a golf cart with two kids at the 'middle of butt no where' campgrounds in Virginia.  The children were ramped up after spending the day at the water park (yes, this campground had an amazing water park).  For some reason, and I can't remember why, one of the two kids called his friend a 'chicken'.


Instead of 'chicken', this 5 year old said 'hicken'.


So, it's only my nature to correct him and say, 'the proper way to call someone a wuss, is to refer to him as a 'chicken' not a 'hicken'.


The 5 year old responded by saying, 'Nooooooo, I said HHHHHHICCCCKKKEN.'


After a few rounds of Chicken vs. Hicken....he proceeded to start growling.  This is was probably the time I should have shut my mouth, instead I asked 'what does hicken even mean?'


Apparently, the definition of 'hicken' means a punch in the face........twice.


No bruises were left on my jaw, and the child was charged with battery which resulted in his Mom yelling at him from the golf cart riding behind us.


I feel like I'm 5 again.

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