There aren't a lot of things available for free these days, but is love one of them?

Can you find free love in a South Jersey Campground?

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A public Facebook group, NJ Camping Club has a post from someone who asks the question, "Anyone know any good camping spots where free love is open and encouraged."

So, what is free love anyway?

According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, free love is defined as:

1: living openly with a sexual partner without marriage
2: sexual relations with no commitments by either partner
Well, there it is!
So, what do you think, are there any campgrounds in our area where that kind of thing is promoted or allowed?
The old Sunshine Park comes to mind! Of course, it's no longer around, either. Sunshine Park was a nudist resort in Mays Landing.  Also, nudity doesn't equal sex - so I was informed many years ago by a soon-to-be former girlfriend.
Ahem.... let's move on.
Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash
Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash
So, we really have no idea if the person who posted the question on the NJ Camping Club page was asking the question because they really wanted an answer. Perhaps they were just bored and wanted to mix things up on the internet. (As if things on the internet weren't mixed up enough....)
Either way, the replies that people gave on Facebook were pretty funny. Take a look:
  • "1969"
  • "It's usually people I don't want to see "free-loving" that are the ones into it. My fat a** is also one I would not want to see. I shower with my eyes closed to avoid the mess."
  • "Sounds more like your looking for a hippie commune than a campsite ."
  • "Went to a nude beach one time and it was nothing but 60 plus-year-olds that never heard of a razor."
  • "Following !" - (Every person who posted this was a man....)
  • "Even after the Rona is over I still want 6 feet from people."
  • "Looking for people to go in on acreage."
  • "Free love not in NJ just high taxes and gas and a** is expensive also."
  • "None in Jersey having fun here is illegal."
  • "Epstein’s Island..."
  • "No such thing. Love always comes with a cost.
There were also several memes and references to upside-down pineapple. (Internet folklore contends that an upside-down pineapple signifies a couple looking to "swing" with other couples.)
Well, that's all I got. Feel free to comment.

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