We're one day away from everyone's favorite summer holiday. The 4th of July is right around the corner! Do you have any plans for Independence Day yet?

If you've lived in the Garden State your whole life, then you know the following statement to be true. Jersey LOVES the 4th of July! It's always one big party! The celebration of the country's independence is a really big deal particularly at the beaches and surrounding mainland towns. There's definitely no shortage of entertainment during the July 4th weekend near the beach.

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The shore towns and surrounding areas brace themselves for impact starting the week of July 4th. That's when shore traffic usually starts to pick up and remain pretty busy throughout the rest of the summer season. So, it's not too shocking to hear that you may not find the locals at the beach for the entire weekend during the Independence Day celebrations since they're all so packed.

So, what do people usually do for the 4th of July if they're not at the beach all weekend here in South Jersey and at the Jersey Shore?

Well, luckily, South Jersey people know how to party.

1.) Beach Day!

While you won't find people at the beach for the entire weekend, people will usually try to spend a few hours with their butts in the sand if they can.

2.) Backyard BBQ!

Is there anything better than getting your friends and family together for a classic 4th of July barbecue? That's the stuff nostalgic memories are made of!

3.) Camping Trip!

Believe it or not, many families choose to spend a few nights out in the great outdoors under the stars for the holiday.

Check out the list of top 4th of July traditions here in South Jersey and the Jersey Shore:

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