Do you ever wonder what celebrities eat in order to get those killer bodies? Over the next few months I am seeing just how hard or easy it is to eat like a celebrity and lose weight. The past two weeks I ate just like Khloé Kardashian.

Khloé was in the tabloids after she lost weight and started documenting her fitness routines on SnapChat. She even has a TV show on E called Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian. What does it take to have a rocking body like the Kardashian? Shockingly it's pretty simple.

I started off following a very strict plan I found online, then in true Chelsea fashion I slowly slipped off the strict plan and opened myself up to other foods. Her nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, spoke with Healthinsta mapping out what the youngest Kardashian eats on a daily basis.

I started by day just as Khloé does, a scoop of protein powder, a tablespoon of almond butter, a piece of fruit, water, and ice blended into a shake. I did half of a banana to lower my sugar intake, plus half was plenty to get the banana flavor.

The second "meal," well it's more of a snack, was a piece of fruit. I only did this the first few days. I had my breakfast later in the morning so I didn't feel like eating right away.

For lunch Khloé eats 4oz. of chicken breast, some veggies, and a salad. I meal prepped in the beginning of the week, making the chicken in advance. I chose either fresh cold green beans or Brussels sprouts for my veggie.

The next "meal" (again it was really a snack) was a cup of veggies and 12 almonds. Yes, I really counted 12 almonds. My vegetable of choice was green beans once again.

Before dinner for the 5th "meal" of the day was another cup of veggies and an egg. I chose a hard boiled egg and yes, more green beans.

Dinner consisted of salmon for me, Khloé usually eats any sort of fatty fish. I love salmon, so this was perfectly fine by me. Some days I would bake it, others sear it on the stove. I used a chipotle cinnamon rub most nights, it was delicious. With dinner I had another serving of veggies and a salad.

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

After dinner, she eats another piece of fruit. I opted out of this one most nights, but if I did eat fruit it would be a banana.

As the days went on a veered off this strict diet and focused on eating lean protein and veggies. I had read other articles that claimed Khloé eats even lean red meat so I had venison a few nights since that has almost the same amount of fat as chicken.

I started the 2 weeks weighing 153 pounds and by the end of it weigh 148 pounds. This was without exercise. I found her plan simple enough to follow and didn't find it to be over priced, since the foods are common and not all "Hollywood."

Watch my journey here:

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