Robert in Somers Point is wanting to propose to his girlfriend, Gina. However; Robert has a HUGE secret he has been keeping from her for 3 years.

Robert tells us on The Mike Show that there is no doubt that he wants to marry Gina. They have been dating for 4 years, but Robert is struggling with a secret that happened 3 years ago. He is wondering if he should tell Gina before asking her to marry him...


Sunset Proposal


Robert cheated on Gina 3 years ago and she doesn't know it.

It was a one time thing, Robert tells us, that happened when he was out of town on a business trip. He doesn't even know where the woman lives and hasn't been in touch with her since that night. Other than that one time, he has never cheated on Gina.

Robert is debating if he should tell Gina about the one night stand, before he asks her to marry him. What should Robert do? Take The Mike Show Poll!




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