I've realized in life you won't be like by everyone. And as much as you may try there is just something in a person that wires them to not like you, and you can't change anything about it.

This bleeds into all aspects, including the workplace. Sometimes the person makes it super obvious and you should stay away for the better.

And sometimes it's not obvious. This is where this post comes in. Here's what I noticed over the many, many years in the workforce:

DISCLAIMER: None of these thoughts reflect how I feel currently 😁


  • 1

    They Ignore Your Very Existence

    You can sit right next to them, walk down the hallway the same time as them, or even be on the same email as them. They just rather not acknowledge you are a physical being living on the same planet as them.

  • 2

    They Try To Get You To Quit

    This one makes me laugh. Unlike the first point above, they will actually speak to you, but the topic of conversation is about getting you to quit. They can't stand you so much that they would go out of their way to engage with you and convince you to leave.

  • 3

    You Are Never Asked To Join In On 'Water Cooler Talk'

    Nothing feels worse than being isolated, especially from downtime. You watched the same game as them, or TV show the night before so why can't you join in on the conversation?

  • 4

    They Could Care Less About Your Personal Life

    If they even cared just a tiny bit they would ask about something regarding your personal life. We'll even take minimal effort like asking the well-being of our cat or if Aunt Tilly's toe fungus was getting better.

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