They say you can tell a lot about a person from their fingernails. So, what do your nails say about you?

If your nails aren't sending the right message, now may be the time to change all that. And, thanks to our friends at Supermarkets of Beauty, it's actually pretty easy to treat yourself to a trendy nail makeover.

Follow these four easy steps to achieving that classy Matte French Manicure.


Apply your favorite base coat (Supermarkets of Beauty recommends Creative Stickey).


Apply two coats of your desired shade and let dry completely.


Apply a matte top coat (Supermarkets of Beauty recommends China Glaze Matte Magic) and let dry completely.


Using a glossy top coat (Supermarkets of Beauty recommends using Nailtek Ceramic Glaze Durable Topcoat) paint a thin line as you normally would for a French Manicure.

Hopefully these easy steps will help your nails say something different about you.This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner Supermarkets of Beauty.