Snapchat's latest feature creates a bit of a privacy issue amongst users, particularly younger ones. Here's how to hide your location from Snap Maps.

As someone part of the Millennial generation, Snapchat is one of the top apps I use daily. I can send snaps to my friends and post stories, I know won't last after 24 hours. The disappearing snaps is also a crowd favorite among young users.

Now, I know what Snapchat was thinking by introducing Snap Maps, but immediately I saw an issue of concern. It is pretty cool to be able to catch up with a friend I notice is in the area, thanks to Snap Maps...

...but what if someone I was avoiding manages to find me? Or, worse someone I DON'T know tries to find me.

Snap Maps is able to provide your EXACT location, based off the last time you opened Snapchat (which is often).

If you're like me and/or have a child who uses Snapchat, here's how to take off this feature:

  1. Pinch your screen to access Snap Maps
  2. In the corner press the wheel button
  3. Pick 'Ghost Mode' to remain hidden, or Select Friends so only friends can see

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