Let's just cut right to the chase, it is freezing out there. We went from 50 degrees to 9 degrees in less than 12 hours, with a wind chill that didn't get above 0 degrees. There is no silver lining there. Anytime it gets this cold I think of the people who complain about the heat, is this what you wanted? I don't know if we can be friends if you say you would rather this than the heat and humidity. If the air hurts you face, you have to be miserable.

How does one cope when it is so cold breathing feels like knives sliding down your esophagus? Not well. Honestly, it's tough to cope and not be miserable when it is this cold. I don't know how people in other parts of the country and the world handle weather like this on a regular basis. I was not built for this. Here are 5 ways to cope with the bitter cold in South Jersey.

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    Drink mulled wine.

    I had mulled wine for the first time around a month ago and I get it, it's amazing. Wine usually warms you up inside, but mulled wine turns that up to eleven. It makes you feel all warm and cozy inside with the spices and citrus flavors. Get yourself some mulled spiced wine, heat it up, and enjoy your night inside in the heat.

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    Post your local temperature on social media.

    Now with this one, you have some variety. Some people choose to take a photo of the temperature displayed in their car. Some people take a screen shot of the outside temperature from their favorite weather app. There are others who take a screen shot of the real feel temperatures from their favorite weather app. Then you have the old fashioned people who take a photo of a real thermometer they have hanging up outside their home. The choice is yours. What is so great about this, is everyone is doing the same thing as if no one knows that it is brutally cold out.

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    Roll yourself up like a sushi roll in a blanket.

    Who wants to do anything when it feels like Jack Frost is throwing a temper tantrum? No one, that's who. So do yourself a favor, grab that mulled wine, after you post the temperature and roll yourself up in your favorite blanket. Pro tip: get the biggest fluffiest blanket you own.

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    Complain about the cold on Facebook.

    You can post things along the lines of not going outside, that you are moving to Florida, or that you are counting down the days until summer. All of which are generic and cliché enough for you to get a few likes.

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    Remember that there are only 125 days until Memorial Day.

    In four months and five days, the unofficial kickoff to summer will be here and the warms days will be back. Think happy thoughts.