Coffee drinkers are quite particular on how they take their coffee. Some coffee lovers look down on those whose coffee looks like creamer with a side of coffee, and others cannot even imagine drinking it black. We decided that we would ask the controversial question to find out how South Jersey takes their coffee.

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The responses are extremely specific. The type and cost of coffee effects the color of said coffee. The cheaper and worse the coffee the lighter the color. Also, alcohol is a factor. If the coffee has Bailey's, #1 is overwhelming acceptable. So, how does South Jersey prefer to take their coffee?

Overwhelmingly, South Jersey prefers coffee shade 2.

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47.1% of the votes are for #2. (Personally, 2 is way too light for me unless it's a latte.)

The next coffee preference from South Jersey has only 22.5% of the votes.

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We are slowly getting darker with the coffee. Many people say they like 2 for cheaper coffee and 3 for better coffee. These two are pretty interchangeable.

Coming in at #3 is black coffee.

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Personally, this is my favorite way to drink coffee. 16.9% of people agree with me.

In last place, is the lightest shade of coffee.

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This coffee is usually referred to as "light and sweet." 13.3% of voters like their coffee "light and sweet."

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