Mad Libs is a fun activity where you become the author of a fun short story. This fill in the blanks story asks you for adjectives, nouns, body parts, animals, verbs, etc. The words you put in create a funny and off the wall story. We created our own South Jersey Mad Libs story for you to fill in the blanks.


The story follows the big bad Jersey Devil, a young child, and pork roll. Can you get anymore South Jersey than that? The answer is a simple no. Read through these funny stories created by you and then scroll to the bottom to read the original story.

Click on the story to enlarge it and scroll through the stories.

Original story:

Once upon a time there was a hideous creature named the Jersey Devil. He was a horrid creature with a long tail, razor sharp claws, and the head of a horse. He roamed the Pine Barrens in South Jersey for 284 years. One day a boy named Charlie was wondering the forest looking for the Devil. He heard a twig snap and his head turned around to look where the noise came from. A tall figure loomed over him. The creature had a long tail, razor sharp claws, and the head of a horse. Charlie was so scared he could not run or scream. The Jersey Devil looked at the boy and pointed to the bag in his hand. Shaking, the boy handed the bag to the monster. The Jersey Devil took his long claws and took out two pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches. He handed one to Charlie and sat down. The two sat on the forest floor enjoying their sandwiches and became best friends. The end.

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