6abc Action News traffic reporter Matt Pellman put a lot of thought into one of his afternoon updates on this President's Day.

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Pellman cleverly wove names of American presidents into a one minute report during the 5 p.m. Action News broadcast. I wonder how much time it took Matt to write this presidential traffic update.

Most people would have blown right past Matt's creativity and not noticed his cleverly placed references. I was in my kitchen getting dinner ready, when I literally stopped what I was doing and came into the living room to listen. I had to rewind and pay close attention to the report from the very beginning to make sure I was hearing him right. Yes, it's corny, but also impressive.

Watch Matt's report below on my Facebook page, and see how many president names you can pick out.

I counted 15. Did you get the same total?

Well done, Matt Pellman. Well done. It's things like this that keep me tuned into Action News.

SOURCES: Heather DeLuca/Facebook via 6abc

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