Video has surfaced of a deadly train crash in Spain that took the lives of 78 people and injured 131 more on Thursday.  High speed is being blamed for the accident, as evidenced in this newly released footage.

78 people died when the train hit a sharp bend at speed, derailed and caught fire near the pilgrimage center of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  The crash is being touted as one of Europe's worst rail disasters, according to Reuters.

247 people were on board when the train hurtled into a concrete wall sending carriages jack-knifing and overturning the engine.  One of the train's two drivers is being investigated by Spanish police because of the rate of speed at the time of the accident.  That driver has reportedly been a train driver for 30 years.


One local official described the aftermath of the crash to Reuters as like a scene from hell, with bodies strewn next to the tracks.